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Meet Our Team

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Josh Hopkins

Owner & Operator | U.S Marine Corps Veteran

Welcome to All Marine Land Clearing! I'm Josh Hopkins, the Owner & Operator here. As a former Marine with 13 years of service, dedication runs deep in my veins. 

I always knew I wanted to serve my country but didn’t know exactly what that looked like until 9/11. At the age of 18 I enrolled in the Marine Corps and began my military career. During my service I completed 4 tours, lived in 6 different countries and had the honor of receiving 14 medals including the Combat Action Ribbon, Purple Heart & several achievement awards. 

Due to an injury in my last tour I made the tough but necessary decision to come home to my family and start a new chapter in Corporate America. Man, what a shift!


After 7 years managing Operational Logistics at some of the biggest eCommerce retailers and tech companies in Atlanta I was burnt out, and honestly missed the camaraderie I once had. I decided it was time to give back to the community again, but in an entirely different way. Hence, the birth of All Marine Land Clearing – a venture not only reclaiming properties but also providing opportunities for fellow veterans. 

My mission is twofold: to revitalize your property and, more importantly, to diminish the staggering veteran unemployment rate. With 250,000 veterans jobless in 2022, I'm committed to making a meaningful dent in that number. 


If you're eyeing a land clearing endeavor, let's chat. Reach out directly at or 678-576-1956. Let's turn your vision into reality!

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