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Expert Forestry Mulching & Land Clearing
Services in Athens, Augusta & Macon GA 

High quality forestry mulching and forestry mulching in Athens, Augusta & Macon GA. 

All Marine offers a range of land management services for residential and commercial properties, including forestry mulching, land clearing, and much more! 


We can clear and mulch your property in one operation using state-of-the-art equipment, enabling our team of Marines to deliver fast, quality work at competitive rates.


Veteran Owned & Operated

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Services we help our customers with.
  • Land Clearing

  • Forestry Mulching

  • Brush Clearing

  • Storm Cleanup

  • Right of Way Clearing

  • Site Prep

  • Clear Boundaries for Surveys

  • Roadside & Highway Clearing

  • And more!

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The All Marine Difference

Don't hesitate to speak with one of our Marines. Our quotes are free and come with no obligations.

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Call us old-fashioned, but we believe that courteous, professional, and on time interactions go a long way. 

We are a veteran-based team backed by the red, white, and blue. Speak with one of our Marines for more information.

Free, No Obligation Quotes

Upfront, Competitive Pricing

Prompt, Professional Service

Veteran Owned & Operated

ALL MARINE's land clearing & forestry mulching in Athens, Augusta & Macon GA provides our customers with the following benefits:

  • Enhance Aesthetics and Property Value - Removing unwanted trees, shrubs and weeds improves the aesthetics of your lot and extends the usable space - all factors that can increase your property value by 3-6%.

  • Promotes Healthy Growth of Trees & Plants - By clearing and mulching your property, homeowners can promote healthy tree and plant growth. With more room and additional access to water, nutrients and sunlight your new plants will thrive.

  • Easily Maintain Your Property - overgrowth that isn't controlled can quickly take over your lot. Land clearing for Athens, Augusta & Macon GA from All Marine can help you remove underbrush and overgrowth, leaving you with a clear, clean area that's easy to maintain in the future.

  • Safety & Rodent Removal - brush and overgrowth could attract snakes and rodents that could carry diseases or insects that may harm you, your family members, or pets. Land clearing prevents them from nesting and keeps your lot in good shape.

  • Soil Enhancement - All Marine's state-of-the-art equipment can cut your land and mulch it, all within one single operation, leaving behind a nutrient-rich top layer of soil. The nutrients from the wood gradually get deposited back into the soil, which helps other plants grow.

  • Reduce Fire Hazards - Overgrown vegetation increases the risk of fire. Land clearing can remove dead trees and rotten stumps, reducing the chances of a wildfire spreading to other structures on the lot.

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Don't Wait. Get Your Free, No-Obligation Quote Today. 

We proudly serve the Metro Atlanta area, Augusta, Macon, Athens, and the surrounding areas.

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