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Land Clearing
Forestry Mulching
Right of Way Clearing

Tired of watching the unwanted trees and brush take over your property? All Marine Land Clearing does the dirty work for you, removing unwanted saplings, and stumps that can harm your acreage by overcrowding other trees and hardwoods.

Looking for a quick and efficient way to clear your lot? All Marine's forestry mulching services cut, grind, and clear vegetative growth - all within one single operation. Our state of the art equipment quickly clears your lot and turns your unwanted trees, underbrush, stumps and roots immediately into nutrient-rich mulch. 

We understand the critical importance of maintaining clear and accessible right-of-ways in Georgia. Our services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of landowners, municipalities, utility companies, and developers across the state.​

Selective Clearing
Brush Clearing
Storm Cleanup
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Discover the power of selective clearing as the ultimate solution for maintaining healthy landscapes and managing vegetation effectively in Georgia. Our selective clearing services offer a pivotal approach to vegetation management.​

Brush clearing is perfect for properties that need overgrowth cleared but don’t need the refined mulch that comes with our land clearing service. Our compact skid steer machines are able to quickly access areas traditional clearing equipment couldn’t while still being able to cut dense material up to 8” in diameter.

The aftermath of bad weather can leave your property in disarray. All Marine can help you quickly get your property back in tip-top shape, removing broken tree limbs and debris left over following storms. Leave the clean up and heavy lifting to us.

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