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All Marine Land Clearing

Reclaim your property, increase your home value and enjoy a manicured lot with our land clearing services. From fence lines, lot clearing or right of way we've got you covered.

Tired of watching unwanted trees and underbrush take over your property? All Marine Land Clearing does the dirty work for you, helping you reclaim your property and increase your home value.


Whether it’s residential lot clearing, right of ways for utilities and pipelines, pasture restoration, hunting access lanes or fence construction, our team of veterans have you covered. Our state of the art equipment can help with all of your land clearing and site prep needs.


We take an agile approach when it comes to land clearing, using our forestry mulching machines to clear brush, saplings and stumps turning it into nutrient mulch within a single operation. The result? An economical and environmentally friendly technique to clearing your land. All Marine is fully insured, powered by Marines and services the North Georgia area. We pride ourselves in delivering quality work, accelerated timelines and competitive rates.

> Transform Your Property in 24 Hours

Whether you’re in need of a small or large project All Marine can give your property the transformation it needs in no time. With the ability to clear 1 acre in a day, the majority of our residential customers are able to enjoy the new views on their property within 24 hours.

> Time is Money
Whether you’re looking to sell your property or are needing to start building new construction, having a trusted partner that can work alongside your deadlines is critical. Historically land clearing typically relied on tree cutters and bulldozers but with today’s equipment All Marine is able to cut and mulch all within one operation, allowing us to deliver faster work to you!


> Add Value to Your Property

Did you know that land clearing can increase your property value by 3-5%? Smart property owners are capitalizing on this small investment and quickly recognizing the ROI when they sell. Don’t miss out - get your quote today



> Veteran Owned & Operated 🇺🇸

Delivering precision and quality is in our DNA. Veteran owned and operated, All Marine provides superior land clearing services you can trust. We don’t finish the job until you’re satisfied. 

What is land clearing?

Land clearing, often referred to as lot clearing, is the removal of trees, underbrush and vegetation for residential or commercial needs. This land management service is often used for right of way maintenance, fence or pipeline installation, road clearing and forestry thinning. Typically used prior to construction, homeowners also leverage land clearing to expand their usable square footage and increase home values.

What are the benefits of land clearing?


There are many benefits of land clearing, primarily improving the safety and aesthetics of your lot. Popular benefits include: 

  • Mitigates risk of fire

  • Improves aesthetics & property values

  • Pest control

  • Promotes healthy soil & environmental stability

  • Reduces vegetation overcrowding & supports plant growth

  • Enables easy, ongoing maintenance 

Take a Look at Our Recent Work

Welcome to our world of transformation! See firsthand how our expertise in land clearing and underbrush removal turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Our gallery showcases the remarkable results of our dedicated team's precision and skill, revealing the stunning before-and-after snapshots of once-overgrown properties now primed for their new beginnings. 

Get Your Land Clearing Quote Today

There's no commitment required in getting a quote. Contact us today so we can discuss your needs and where All Marine might be able to help!

Thanks for your interest in All Marine. We will contact you in the next 24 hours or call us directly at 678-576-1954.

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