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Find definitions for land management terminology. 

Land Clearing

Land clearing is the process of removing trees, stumps and other vegetation from any public or private undeveloped, partially developed or developed lot. Land clearing can help expand usable square footage and improve property values.

Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is a land clearing method that uses a single machine to cut and mulch within a single operation. Benefits of forestry mulching can include property aesthetics (increasing lot value), prevention of soil erosion and rodent infestations, fire hazard mitigation. 


A method of tree and underbrush removal in which the vegetation is instantly shredded into wood chips, which remain on the topsoil as a nutrient-rich mulch.

Mulching Attachment

Attached to a skid steer, the mulching attachment allows the equipment to clear and mulch within a single operation - saving costs and improving job timelines.

Skid Steer

A skid-steer loader, or skid steer for short, is a small construction vehicle used for a variety of tasks, particularly land clearing.

Tree Removal

The process of eliminating dead and dying trees as well as those that have become hazardous.

Underbrush Clearing

A less intense version of land clearing, where brush is carefully removed rather than scraping the land down to the bare dirt beneath it. Underbrush clearing usually involves both mowing and hydro-axing.

Brush Goats

An alternate method for clearing land using grazing goats.

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